Enterprise Development Trust Corporation's mission is to build grassroots community economic independence one low-income neighborhood at time. 


In the world we live in human life is often monetized.  Enterprise Development is working towards a world where every human being can earn its financial and economic needs.  Parents have a right to feed their children in the manner that they see fit.  Every human being has sufficient access to food, shelter, and healthcare and every human being has the opportunity to participate in their community fully to listen fully and to contribute fully.  


To build grassroots neighborhood based economic independence though education alternatives, community-centered resource development and base building tactics that activate community power. 


Economic Development One Individual, One Community, One Region, One Nation at a time.




Founders Biography

      After several years developing an expertise in organizational and business development the founder, Hajar A. Logan built Enterprise Development Trust Corporation to empower disenfranchised communities. Ms. Logan has studied, worked and lived in a variety of socio-political, socio-economic, ethnic and religious communities as an organizer, a research and a small business developer and manager.  As such Ms. Logan finds opportunities to solve problems that hinder empowerment for individuals and communities.  

      Ms. Logan began her formal education in the 8th grade at an independent school in a Boston suburb.  At the time, Ms. Logan commuted there on public transportation from the shelter she called home. Ms. Logan received a BA from Wellesley College in International Relations. This study included an analysis of Politics, Economics and International Security. Ms. Logan's work included an in depth analysis of global economics within a developing country at the University of the West Indies as well as an analysis of the political and economic benefits of globalization for developed nations. 

       Ms. Logan has 15 years of experience in business and organizational development consulting. Ms. Logan has built a career advocating for the disempowered and creating pathways to social and economic empowerment. Enterprise Development is currently engaged in grassroots organizing to create pathways for people who are being economically displaced and are housing insecure. We also provide expert business and organizational development as well as training and technical assistance.