1-on-1 Individual and Small Business Assistance and Financial Support

Enterprise Development has over 50 years of experience providing business, organizational and structural development to small businesses.  Our experience also includes executive coaching, financial management, as well as grant and proposal writing. 

Many of our core team members have thriving private consulting practices. We choose to prioritize economic and financial empowerment in marginalized neighborhoods through a process of building  local collaborative economics. Key components of our working collaborative economic model are:

1. Our economic model is shaped by local community leaders

2. Our effort is grassroots and centers the voice of under-served communities

3.  We offer a 20 year track record for building local businesses

4.  We offer a commitment to addressing individual financial empowerment

5. We seek neighborhood-based economic self-determination and believe that is an individual and community right.


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Enterprise Development works to build economic ecosystems that are rooted in local communities. Enterprise Development works toward providing economic self-sufficiency as a global phenomenon that is based in empowering local communities.

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Fertile Ground Projects are the programs that build an individual and a communities capacity to bring about a community sustaining ecosystem.  EDTC works with other organizations and programming partners to offer services, support and training. The purpose of these Fertile Ground Projects are to provide the tools for building economic ecosystems in local communities, so that they can work on a global scale.

This year we are raising money to build the following projects: is a website whose purpose local current event and business news from every community.  With this website global citizens can share their world with other individuals and communities seeking to do business there. offers comprehensive training for entrepreneurship and social enterprise and NGO development.   

     To learn more about our financial empowerment projects in the communities that we are serving, follow the link below.

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